Grimey Gurt Roxbury State Of Mind 1.5

Grimey Gurt Clear My Mind Feat Grimey Gurt

2. Grimey Gurt Boston Views

3. Grimey Gurt What Yall Waiting For

4. Grimey Beatles

5. Grimey Gurt Be One

6. Grimey Exchange

7. Grimey Gurt “Now”

8. Grimey Gurt 89

9. Grimey Gurt No Fear feat. Jungle & Dt Hood

10. Grimey Gurt Tomorrow feat. Cecily

11. Grimey Gurt Feat R.I.P (Larry) Million Dollaz

12. Grimey Gurt Feat R.I.P Crook & (Larry) Real Nigga’s

13. Grimey Gurt Feat JayRacks D.R.U.G.S

14. Grimey Gurt Ride Feat Larae Jones

15. Grimey Gurt Forgot About Gurt (FreeStyle)

16. Grimey Gurt long way to go feat G-Eyez


18. Grimey Gurt OUTRO (NO FACE NO CASE)


Roxbury State of Mind 1.5 mixtape By (Grimey Gurt)

Red Flamez Media by Keez1

The Roxbury State of Mind 1.5 mixtape released Easter Sunday, Boston’s own Grimey Gurt takes listeners on a journey through his life.
From spitting about missing his homies who either are locked up or dead Grimey Gurt puts his heart into each track. He flows about varies topic including his children, relationships and day to day living in the hood.
Overall Roxbury State of Mind 1.5 has a good feel to it. Grimey Gurt his some great production including Tomorrow feat. Cecily produced by Anthem Muzik. On Tomorrow Grimey Gurt spits about bringing Boston back and pushing his Roxbury State of Mind Tee shirts, missing his uncle Mack. On this track Gurt can be heard spitting about trying to achieve success while knowing that tomorrow isn’t promised.
Overall we rate Roxbury State of Mind 1.5 4 stars out of 5.


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