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Around My Way Ep. 2 : Millyz #AMWKBX

Oftentimes when a place like Cambridge, MA has a strong college presence, it’s easy to forget the lifers who make up the neighborhoods surrounding those campuses. While the Hip-Hop Archive & Research Institute at Harvard, for example, studies the culture like it disappeared a thousand years ago, everything from mumble rap to boom bap events pop off nightly, with DJs, rappers, and producers rising through the mix for decades. Among them, hailing from Central Square right in between the attention-sucking entities of MIT and Harvard, is Millyz, one of the latest Greater Boston hip-hop voices to break nationally who has been rattling and traveling for years on the come-up.

Director: Where’s Nasty
Producer: G. Valentino Ball
Director Of Photography/Editor: CBN ONE
Associate Producer: Brandon Matthews

Around My Way Part : Millyz http://killerboombox.com/features/int…


Introducing … AROUND MY WAY (#AMWKBX)

Around My Way (#AMWKBX) is a collaboration between KillerBoomBox, the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (BINJ), and DigBoston. Each month we’ll publish a feature article, plus related podcasts and playlists, as well as video and photos to help document the culture of one of the most tragically slept-on yet dynamic hip-hop scenes anywhere, Boston. Keep track of the series at DigBoston and KillerBoomBox, and by following the latter on social media @KillerBoomBox plus the hashtag #AMWKBX.

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